Our Horse Sensible Program

Knowledge: the Key to Safety, Trust, Confidence and Results with your Horse

Granted, every horse is different and it’s not realistic to assume that horses will respond to any training program like robots. But our HSH program provides a plan and roadmap for you and your horse to progress to whatever level you desire. The foundations section gives you the background and tools necessary to advance up the pyramid. Levels 1-9 of both the riding and training section of the pyramid give you specific lessons that build on each other in a baby step by baby step approach.

We think our program is unique because:

Horse Sensible Pyramid

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  • It is based on the language of the horse.
  • Most people learn and understand visually. The pyramid is visual and easy to understand.
  • Each baby step within each level builds on one another. That’s the language of the horse, and the most efficient way to communicate between human and horse.
  • Since it’s practical, and horse sensible, it instills confidence and ultimately leads to success and results-never losing sight of the safety of you and your horse.
  • And no matter what the ability of you or your horse, this program will benefit you. Everyone has different abilities and goals. Since our program is comprehensive, it meets the needs of virtually everyone until they reach a specialty discipline, if that is your ultimate goal.