Just Right Program & Pricing

As the old saying goes, you can spend years building a good reputation, but lose it in no time if you do the wrong thing. That’s why we take our Just Right program so seriously. We make every effort to find horses that have good minds, are sound, pleasing to the eye, and have the potential to satisfy our buyers’ needs.


Once we purchase a Just Right prospect, we first screen him to confirm that he has the mind and overall disposition to become a Just Right gelding. If he is a keeper, we start him on our training pyramid beginning at level 2 and simultaneously offer him for sale. An interested buyer can put a deposit on the horse, and we agree on a final purchase price once the horse has graduated from whatever level of training the buyer has requested. Or, if the buyer is happy with the level of training a horse has achieved, he is simply sold at that point. Most of our horses are sold after graduating from level 3, but again, every buyer and their preferences differ. We also have buyers who have specific requests, so we are actively on the lookout to find them a horse that fits the bill.

What sets our program apart from the competition and underpins our success is our commitment to following a strict process that includes:


We make every effort to talk with prior owners to determine the horse’s history regarding training, soundness, and behavioral issues.


We only deal with registered AQHA geldings since we are most familiar with those bloodlines. In addition, the majority of our buyers are in the market for quarter horses.

Training Program-Horse:

Every gelding, no matter what his prior level of training starts at Lesson 1 of our training program and progresses through each and every lesson until sold. That way, we are able to assure our buyers that the horse has actually achieved the desired level. A training log is kept on each horse, a copy of which is given to a buyer when the horse is purchased and sent to his new home.

Just Right Fit:

We take the time to get to know our buyers and what they are looking for. We then match them with a horse that is Just Right for them.

Training Program-Buyer:

Since the majority of our buyers are novice, weekend warrior types, we make every attempt to educate new owners on the training methods we used on their horse. We offer this service either through reduced fees to attend one of our regular clinics, or we arrange private sessions that fits the schedule of the buyer.

Send Off:

When you leave with your new horse, we have done everything possible to insure that you are going to succeed and enjoy your new equine partner. We recognize that circumstances change. If you have problems with your horse, we will answer our phone and see how we can help. Or if you need to sell your horse, we will assist in finding him a new home. But more than anything, we hope to stay in touch to build a relationships and share your success stories.


The following will give you general pricing for our geldings after mastering each training level. Please note that this is a guideline only, and pricing may differ depending on the horse. Also, please click on each level for a general description of the training:

Training Level Achieved Approximate Price Training Descriptions
Level 2 $3,500 Click Here
Level 3 $4,500 Click Here
Level 4 $5,500 Click Here
Level 5 $6,500 Click Here
Level 6 $7,500 Click Here
Level 7 $8,500 Click Here
Level 9 $10,000 Click Here

For more information see “What Makes a Just Right Gelding so Special” and “How to Purchase a Just Right Gelding

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