Level 1 Course Description

Level 1 Foundations:

This is the first level of the training pyramid.  Dave felt so strongly about the importance of learning the concepts behind his program that he published a book on this level, which is available in our store. It is a must read before you attend one of our clinics, or before you advance to the next level of our training pyramid. The level emphasizes learning the language of the horse, how to apply that language to communicate with a horse, reading your horses nagality, and tips on how to be successful. Here is an outline of the sections covered.


The Journey 

Learning the Language-From the Horses Mouth

Applying the Language

Body Language
The Training & Riding Pyramid

Horse Sensible Dictionary-Terms, Concepts and Definitions

Getting the Right Start

Self Assessment

Getting Started

Evaluating Your Horse & Setting Realistic Goals
Using a Training Log
Thoughts on Equipment
Moving Up the Pyramid

It’s a must read, and will give you a sound foundation to become a successful Horseman or Horsewoman.



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