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Self Discovery and horses were two things I did not picture going together until my weekend retreat with Dave and his Equine Coaches. Not only did I learn more about the nature of horses and how they interact with both other horses and people, but about how sensitive they are to our body language and what is happening inside our heads. Being first an observer, watching a horse follow and respond to the most subtle cues in the round pen as the horse was working with Dave was something I had never seen before. But even more eye opening was to be in the round pen with the horse and get direct feedback from the horse on my own body language and confidence level. A life changing and unforgettable experience!!!



Our program is about helping you awaken to the wisdom within, guiding you through a soulful journey of self-discovery that enables you to take your power back from the places you have been giving it away. When you are able to see yourself clearly, embrace the light that you are and really own it, a compelling vision and sense of meaning and purpose emerges naturally and your happiness begins to blossom.

Along with equine coaches we will guide you step by step to reconnect with the parts of you that have been lost or put on the back burner, as you have been devoted to giving your best to everyone and everything around you like career – family – community – but have aloud your own needs take a back seat.

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Our Equine Life Coaching Program

A Message From Dave

I have come to view horses as both reality and a vision. It took me a long time to figure out that to successfully learn from horses, you must give them 100% of your concentration, presence, and awareness. They are so sensitive, living in the moment, that they don’t miss a thing. On the other hand, from my love of horses very early in my life, I have grown to appreciate that humans have had a mythical connection with horses for thousands of years. Horses have stood the test of time as a legend, a dream, and a vision. Our Equine Guided Life Coaching Program incorporates the concept of uniting reality and vision as represented by the horse.

Horses are so unique in that they stand for strength, beauty, pride, courage and imposing size. They also show caution, ultra- sensitivity, and their natural reaction is to flee first and ask questions later.

In the presence of humans, horses will voluntarily participate with us if we communicate with them in their language. Learning the nature of the horse and how to effectively communicate is a life long journey, and in my mind is never perfected. It is the metaphors of this communication that can benefit us humans if we allow it to happen.

Without humans, horses do just fine. In their natural herd setting, they convey a feeling of protection, security, inclusion, cooperation, as well as self- confidence. We can learn a lot from this herd concept that has served horses so well over their existence for millions of years.

Self Discovery

Reality of a the horse is about 100% presence, responsibility, self- confidence, and all that is necessary for you to discover who you are, and what is important to you from within.

Empowerment and Happiness from Within

The Legend, Dream, and Vision represented by the horse opens your horizons, changes your belief systems, and empowers you to make positive changes in your life-leading to a happier life with purpose and meaning.

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