Training Leadership & Communication

Having worked with a lot of horses over a life-long career, I have found the best way to have true success in “training” is by first learning each horse’s physical, mental, and emotional traits. This offers a unique insight into how each individual horse interacts with the world around him and dictates how a horse will respond to different styles of leadership and communication.

Most horse owners don’t have the opportunity to work with enough different horses to effectively gain this insight. Unfortunately, most professional trainers who have had that opportunity, distill all their influences and experiences into one signature training approach which they apply to every horse. You’ll see it in their training videos. They use the exact same techniques on all horses, and just “do it harder” on the more aggressive individuals.

In contrast, I alter my approach and manner to fit each horse’s individual nature. Methods used on confident horses are not used on submissive-timid horses, and are different yet from those employed on aggressive-fearful horses. Each personality requires a different style to gain trust and make a horse a willing partner rather than a fearful slave or a grudging submitter.

It takes time and patience, but the rewards are great.

Horses who have come through my program of guidance and leadership are offered for sale. I accept outside horses for training, and I also offer periodic clinics to teach humans how to communicate effectively with their equine partners in order to keep the relationship happy and productive.