I first became interested in horses as a kid watching the Lone Ranger, but was sixty years old before I had my first experience with them. My wife had attended horse camps as a teen, so had a leg up on me, but, we both had to acknowledged that we really knew far too little about horses to strike out on our own. We knew that we would need someone to teach us what we needed to know to be safe and to develop proper training techniques and riding skills. After searching our options it became clear that something called ‘Natural Horsemanship’ was the ticket for us. Fortunately, we found Dave Rossiter and his ‘Horse Sensible’ program near our home. Since working with Dave we have learned to communicate with our horses through a myriad of indispensable ground work skills and are becoming competent in the saddle. We plan to continue our journey as we and our horses advance with a world of possibilities open to us including Cowboy Dressage, Trail Competition, Reigning, Sorting, Cutting and Roping.