I-0 Overview Of Our Instructional Training Program


Concurrent with the production of our Instructional Videos, Dave is writing a book on his 35 Step Equine Guided Horsemanship Program. The book in progress can be found on our website with free access. We recommend that you refer to the book as you progress through the Instructional Videos if you are interested in additional information. The following videos provide you with an overview of the program, and how it was designed to be comprehensive, practical, and Horse Sensible.

Current Playlist and Upcoming Productions:

  • Episode 1-Framework of our Program and the 12 Guiding Principles – Release Date | 2/2019
  • Episode 2-Level 1-Steps 1 through 15 – Release Date | 4/2019
  • Episode 3-Level 2-Steps 16 through 31 – Release Date | 5/2019
  • Episode 4-Level 3-Steps 32 through 35 – Release Date | 6/2019