I-5) Step 5 Episodes: Direct Rein Pressure (Position 2) for Movement of all Four Feet Backward, (6 O’clock), on the Ground


In Step 5 we are looking to control all four feet from the ground by using rein position 2, in the snaffle bit to back the horse up. We want the horse to respond to the light rein pressure and angle to soften his face, using one rein at a time to step back the diagonal feet. This is the foundation of the back up in the saddle, (Step 10).

Release Dates:

  • Overview Video : 3/2019
  • Lesson Video : 7/2019

Current Playlist and Upcoming Productions:

  • Episode 1-Overview and Summary of Lessons – Release Date | 3/2019
  • Episode 2-Lesson 1-Review Groundwork Lesson 18 – Release Date | 7/2019
  • Episode 3-Lesson 2-Walk to Back Ladders-Reinforce Halter (One Diagonal-Rein, Other Diagonal-Halter) – Release Date | 7/2019
  • Episode 4-Lesson 3-Walk to Back Ladders-(Both Diagonals Using Reins) – Release Date | 7/2019
  • Episode 5-Lesson 4-Rein Position 3 to Rein Position 2 – Release Date | 7/2019