Problem Solving


In this series we focus on common problems that you may encounter with your horse. We encourage our followers to email us with problems they are having with their horse, and we produce the video to address that problem. So the subject matter of these videos comes from our followers, as well as problem areas that we feel would be popular with our viewers. We produce one problem solving video per month.

Current Playlist and Upcoming Productions:

  • Episode 1-Getting Your Horse to Stand Still when you Mount – Release Date | 1/2019
  • Episode 2-Teaching Your Horse to Stand Patiently when Tied Up – Release Date | 2/2019
  • Episode 3-Teaching Your Horse to Accept the Bridle Willingly – Release Date | 3/2019
  • Episode 4-How to Fix a Barn Sour Horse – Release Date | 4/2019
  • Episode 5-Preparation for Getting Your Horse to Step Up in the Trailer – Release Date | 5/2019
  • Episode 6-How to Fix a Horse that Nips and Bites – Release Date | 6/2019
  • Episode 7-How to Get a Horse to go into a Lope Quietly and Willingly – Release Date | 7/2019
  • Episode 8-How to Fix a Horse that Spooks all the Time – Release Date | 8/2019
  • Episode 9-How to Fix a Horse that gets Distracted in New Surroundings – Release Date | 9/2019
  • Episode 10-How to Get a Horse to Slow Down at the Lope – Release Date | 10/2019
  • Episode 11-How to Fix a Horse that Evades the Bit and Throws his Head – Release Date | 11/2019

Happy Holidays-See You in 2020