Journey Membership Program

Our Journey Program members are made up of like- minded horse enthusiasts that view good horsemanship as a life long journey. A common theme with our members is the belief that good horsemanship has no timelines, where the only competition is with yourself, working towards becoming a better leader and partner with your horse. The ultimate goal is to achieve true unity with your horse, no matter what the discipline or level of ability may be.

Each of our journey members have personal goals and we develop a personal plan to work towards those goals. As a member they enjoy the many benefits including access to their personal video training library, and discounted rates on all of the programs and services we offer. Membership is limited to 15 to ensure priority status in scheduling private lessons and participation in Journey Member Gatherings. If you have an interest, learn more by clicking on the side bar tabs, and by contacting Dave to answer any questions you might have.

Journey Member Benefits

As a Journey Member you receive the following benefits:

Establish Individual Goals with Quarterly Monitoring and Update

Four Private Lessons with Dave per month (Additional lessons discounted to $45/ hour)

Video Production and Critique of you working through each lesson of the Training Program

Access to your personal training library which includes your goals, quarterly updates and your personal training videos.

Participation in monthly member gatherings (Includes Trail Course and Cowboy Dressage
Practice, and Guest Trainers, -available to Journey Members only)

Free access to our Group Spectator Clinics ($25 savings)

Half price access to our Group Participation Clinics ($150 Savings)

Journey Membership cost is a low monthly fee of $200. Similar to a Gym membership, you will get your moneys worth only if you put in the time and effort. That’s why we limit membership to 15, and only accept those who share in our philosophies, training methodology and are serious about embarking on a journey that will enhance their relationship with horses, and maybe, just maybe, make them a better person along the way. If you are interested please call Dave at 602-405-1652.