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For those of you lacking the knowledge, time, or confidence, we offer our training services. We specialize in starting colts and working with problem horses, but will help you with whatever situation you may have with your horse. Our training services are a little different from those offered by most other trainers.

We first conduct a free evaluation on you and your horse to determine if your expectations and time frame is realistic. If not, we have a referral list of trainers for you. But hopefully we determine there is a good potential fit, and we agree to move forward.

Although we follow our training pyramid, just like with our horses, we customize a training program that ensures your expectations will be met.

We email you daily, giving you a brief summary of that day’s training session, and your horse’s progress.

Most trainers charge a flat monthly fee for training and board. We prefer to separate these charges since there are days your horse will not be trained due to bad weather or other circumstances – or the simple fact that he needs a day or two off. In this way, you are only charged for training on those days training occurs. Our board bill is $5.00 per day, training is $35 per day. We bill you monthly so the most you would pay if we are able to work your horse 6 days per week is around $1,000 per month based on a 30 day month.

Training your horse is only half of our services. You need to learn what we have taught your horse in order to be successful with him when you get home. Therefor, at the conclusion of your horse’s training, we require you to attend – free of charge – either one of our group clinics or a private clinic with Dave.

Since we limit our outside horse training services to two horses at any given time, space is limited. Call today to set up an appointment to meet with Dave for your evaluation.