What Makes a Just Right Gelding so Special?

Each horse has progressed to at least level 4 of our Horse Sensible Training Program before it is offered for sale. These geldings all have a nice willing attitude with excellent ground manners. They are hobble broke, stand still to mount, cross water, open and close gates, load easily and stand tied quietly. All our Just Right Geldings and are easy to catch, bathe, clip and shoe. They are responsive to leg and seat pressures, handle composed at the walk, trot and canter, know their leads, and stop and back up without question. They have been trained and used in the arena as well as on town and country trails.

In addition, each horse is kept on a regular worming , shoeing and vaccination program.

We take pride in our reputation for offering the finest source and selection of quality using geldings, and for suiting each horse to the right buyer to create the perfect match. This ensures happy, successful clients who can succeed in attaining their goals at their level of horsemanship.

Check out the geldings we are currently offering for sale. As mentioned, each of these horses has progressed to at least level 4 of our program, with ongoing training beyond that level until sold. Also, these horses are used in our schools and clinics in addition to their daily training routine.

Keep in mind that we have other horses for sale that are not listed and new ones going through the first 4 levels of our program. We also take custom orders to locate the type of horse you are seeking.

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