Learning the Language—From the Horse’s Mouth

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Last month, I gave you some of the take-aways from my past experiences that I incorporate in my program. The next topic in the Foundations section of my program is what I call Learning the Language.  Before you can successfully interact with a horse, it is so important to understand as much as you can about a horse’s instincts, how they communicate, and how they think.  Once you start thinking like a horse, the whole process becomes much easier.  The really great horsemen and horsewomen have one thing in common—they understand how a horse thinks, and how to communicate with him in a language that he understands. They also have the ability to look at a horse and determine his state of mind, and whether that current state of mind is conducive to getting that horse to do what they want him to do at that moment in time.

When I started writing this section of the program, I thought, Wow, it would be great to interview a horse, if that were ever possible, to really get to the bottom of what makes a horse tick, and what are they really thinking.  So the next best thing was pretending that we were interviewing a horse, and I titled it: From the Horse’s Mouth.  It’s a great read, and you will walk away with a whole new perspective on how you view your horse.  You see, most people kind of treat their horse like they would their pet dog.  The differences are light years apart.

Next month I will discuss Connection, which is a principal in my training program.

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