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Our HSH Operation is Located in Gilbert Arizona

Our HSH operation is located in Gilbert Arizona.  For more than 25 years we have been a trusted source for horse enthusiasts of all levels looking to improve their horsemanship, purchase that special horse, and utilize our horsemanship and leadership training services.  Since we view good horsemanship, as a journey and not a destination, we have developed what we call our Journey Program.  Through private clinics using our diverse stable of horses, Journey Members of all abilities can follow their personalized Journey. The curriculum we offer along with the experience gained using different horses provides a unique opportunity to improve your horsemanship, leadership skills, and overall enjoyment with horses.  No matter who you are, start your journey. Interaction with horses in the right way can change your life in a very rewarding and positive way.  We offer you that unique opportunity.

Riding Logic

Another way to tell the story of our horsemanship philosophy and methods is a quote from the preface of Museler’s fantastic book titled “Riding Logic”

“Anyone can learn to ride, for riding is a skill.  A skill can only be acquired by practice and experiment and never by slavish imitation.  Riding is a thing of beauty and can be made into an art form.  All of us would like to be considered artists, but only the ones who will achieve this are those who try sincerely to enter into a horse’s mind and effect rapport with him by sympathy or feeling, rather than brute strength.  Sympathy or feeling is not an unnatural science; we can all develop it to a considerable degree.  The aim is complete harmony between rider and horse, quite simply beauty.  Then the horse looks relaxed and at ease and there is nothing in his rider’s demeanor to show the efforts he has had to make.”

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Equine Guided Horsemanship

When I got involved with horses almost 60 years ago, I had no idea how they would influence my life many years later. Initially, like most horse folks in the 60’s and 70’s I thought horses were sort of a slave to a human. We basically forced the horse to do what we wanted, including all of the games us humans think up to compete for money, trophies, ribbons and supposedly our own self- satisfaction.

While attending Colorado State University, I thought I had things mostly figured out when it came to horses. I was pretty handy at starting colts, and tough enough to handle most problem horses presented to me. Nevertheless, a buddy of mine talked me into attending a colt starting clinic at Platte Valley Fairgrounds in Wheatland Wyoming in July 1976. That two day clinic presented by Ray Hunt not only humbled me, but was a turning point in my relationship with horses whereby I began my journey towards becoming a better horseman, and person in all aspects of life. By the way, I am still on that Journey.

The following passage from the book, The Revolution in Horsemanship written by Robert Miller D.V.M., and Rick Lamb gives an excellent description of the transformation I have experienced and continue to experience in my journey.

“No one becomes involved with horses to make himself a better human being or to find greater meaning in life or to make the world a better place, but sometimes that’s exactly what happens. In the beginning you play with horses because it’s fun, a pleasant diversion. Then you find that it feels good in a deeper and more lasting way than many other recreational pastimes. You may love riding motorcycles, but your Harley doesn’t nicker at you in the morning. There is something very special about horses that makes you want to do better with and for them.

But wanting to do better isn’t enough, because this is something very different and very unnatural for us humans. It takes time and effort to learn to communicate effectively with a horse. You must be willing to go back to school to learn and change the way you behave. You have to set your ego on the shelf and leave it there while you reinvent yourself as a horseman and as a human being.

The new person observes, remembers and compares. He listens more and talks less. He takes responsibility rather than assigning blame. He controls his emotions. He becomes aware of his body language. He tries to improve himself. He commits himself to acting justly. He cultivates patience. He forgives. He lives in the moment rather than stewing over the past or waiting for the future. And of course, he places the wants and needs of another creature ahead of his own.

He does it all, at least in the beginning, because it will make him a better horseman.

It isn’t easy. We cannot wave a magic wand or drink a magic potion and change the nature of our species any more than a leopard can change it’s spots. It takes work, and a lot of it. It takes willpower and persistence, focus and thought. In an age of mindless entertainment and instant gratification of our every physical and emotional craving, those don’t always come easy. But if we persist, the payoff makes it all worthwhile.”

Once you consider horses as your equal, learn to communicate in their language, take away timelines, and strive for a Unity with your horse, much like a dance partner, your horsemanship and many aspects of your life will change. You will come to realize that the horse is one of the most sensitive creatures on earth, and an extraordinary teacher if we are willing to listen, and allow him to teach us.

If you are ready to begin your personal journey in Horsemanship, we offer a variety of services depending on your individual situation. Please visit the adjoining tabs to determine what option or options best fit your needs.

Welcome to your life changing Journey!

Horsemanship Wisdom

  • I’ll be the horse’s lawyer and win 99 percent of the cases. – Tom Dorrance
  • A good rider is a psychologist who knows both himself and his horse. – Jack Brainard
  • Never betray your friendship with your horse. Jack Brainard
  • Inexhaustible patience is a necessity for success. – Jack Brainard
  • Equine Communication is an art, not a science. – Lee Anderson
  • It’s all about controlling and placing a horses feet. – Robert Miller, DVM
  • The horse will teach you if you listen. – Ray Hunt
  • Why does it take a lifetime to learn how to live a lifetime. – Ray Hunt

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