Soft Feel Horses For Sale

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We specialize in Performance, Cowboy Dressage, and Trail Horses.

Our Mission here at Horse Sensible is to improve the lives of both Humans and Horses. We help humans through our multiple “Equine Guided Teaching Programs”. With horses, our goal is two-fold. First and foremost we aim to be a positive influence in the horse’s life during the time they spend with us. Specifically, from the day they arrive to the day they leave for a new home, they experience our practice of “Soft Feel”.

“Soft Feel” can mean different things to different folks, but in our mind it’s really a two pronged approach to building a successful relationship with a horse. We first start by building softness in the horse’s mind whereby he learns to view us as his trusted leader. It is that softness that flows through his body, down to his feet-the foundation of a willing and trusting partner. And likewise, once we are accepted as a horse’s trusted leader/partner, be it on the ground or in the saddle, we communicate with the horse using “Soft Feel”. It is this “Soft Feel” communication with the horse that is so appropriately defined by “Cowboy Dressage World” an organization that we endorse and support.

We offer horses for sale that have all levels of training, experience and abilities. We typically focus on horses that will be successful in Cowboy Dressage, Western Dressage, Equine Trail Sports, and Ranch Riding.  Our typical buyers are at all levels of experience, abilities and interest.  We place horses with folks who may just want to give a horse a good home and simply enjoy the lifestyle of taking care of them.  Or we see a lot of weekend warrior types that maybe want to trail ride, meet at the local arena to ride around with their friends, or just improve their horsemanship with the right horse.  And for those who want to compete in Cowboy Dressage, Western Dressage, Equine Trial Sports and Ranch Riding, we can help you out as well.  We find homes for all breeds of horses, with a specialty in primarily Quarter Horses, Thoroughbreds and Haflingers.

In keeping with our mission of “Improving the Lives of Both Humans and Horses”, we go to great lengths to match the right horse with the right human.  We seek potential owners who will continue as a positive influence in our horse’s lives by practicing “Soft Feel”, safety, and having the financial wherewithal to adequately care for the horse.

If you are interested in potentially purchasing a horse, please take the time to review how we price our horses, how we evaluate the horse, and how you should evaluate your ability as well as your plans for a new partner.  This is the first step in finding the right horse not based solely on his looks and color.

Please call Dave at 602-405-1652 for more information on our horses for sale.


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