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Chester – “Sold”

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Chester is an 11 year old Haflinger gelding that has been with us for well over 2 years.  He came from the Windy Hill Ranch in Ohio that is well known for buying Haflingers from the Amish and finding them new homes.  The Amish used Chester primarily for driving purposes.  Windy Hill’s Amish trainers put a basic handle on him in addition to doing trail and desensitizing work with him. 

During his time with us, Chester has been used extensively as a school horse for our Journey Members both for groundwork and in the saddle.  He is excellent on the ground, and is progressing well as a saddle horse.  He is currently advancing through Level 1 of our 35 Step Training Program.

With his currently level of training, Chester would  make a great all around trail horse including Equine Trail Sports competitions.   With another 3-4 months of training he would be at a level that he would also make a Cowboy and Western Dressage prospect.  Chester is no longer in our School Horse rotation, with his training now focused on going through our 35 Step Training Program, Desensitizing Checklist and Cowboy Dressage Training. 

Chester can be seen in our Journey Member Videos, as well as our On-line Training Site.  We are currently working on new videos of Chester doing trail obstacles.  We will have these videos available soon.

If you have an interest in Chester please contact Dave at 602-405-1652.  We currently have Chester priced at $4,900 which is subject to change with additional training. 

Videos Coming Soon!

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