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Group Participation Clinics

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Our School of Horsemanship-Journey Programs

We are dedicated to teaching individuals of all ages, abilities, and experience how to effectively communicate with horses in their language. The ultimate goal is to create a horse human relationship that is safe, successful, and a good deal for the horse.

School of Horsemanship

We Offer Three Journey Programs:

  1. Certification Journey Program Click Here
  2. Certificate of Completion Journey Program Click Here
  3. Personalized Journey Program Click Here

Our Horsemanship Academy-Youth Programs

We are dedicated to improving the lives of the horses that come through our facility, and educating the Youth in our surrounding community on horsemanship, leadership, values, and trust.

Youth Horsemanship Academy

We Offer Two Youth Horsemanship Programs

  1. Youth Horsemanship and Development Program (Click Here)  
  2. Kid’s Horsemanship Camps (Click Here)



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