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Roman came to us about a year ago with the owners wanting us to put him through our training program.  Shortly thereafter a tragic car accident left them financially unable to keep him.  We ended up owning him and we have used him primarily in our Leadership and Life Coaching Retreats.  This gentle giant is the barn favorite, and definitely has a unique personality.

Roman is approximately 7 years old, and stands over 17 hands high.  He is a Percheron cross, and probably weighs around 1400 pounds.  We recently started him on our training program and he has progressed about half way through Step 3-Groundwork and related desensitizing exercises.  Now that he is in full time training we anticipate that he will complete Level 1 of the program within the next several months.

Roman is a unique horse that could go a lot of directions.  With his size and looks he would make an excellent driving team prospect.  With enough time and training he would make an excellent trail and Cowboy Dressage prospect.  And with his personality, he would just make a fun horse to have around your barn.


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