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Kids Horsemanship Camps

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Teaching Responsibility, Patience, & Life Skills through a Relationship with Horses

Spring, Summer, and Fall Camps:

Week Long Horsemanship & Riding Day Camps – Ages 8+

Pricing: $350 Half Day
$650 Full Day (Only Available For Fall & Spring)

Summer Camps:
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Fall Camp:
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Spring Camp:
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Half Day Camp – 9 am to 1 pm. Drop off starting at 8:45 am; Pick up must be by 1:15 pm! (Before & After care available, please request in advance)

Full Day Camp – 9 am to 5 pm. Drop off starting at 8:45 am; Pick up must be by 5:15 pm! (Before & After care available, please request in advance)


Please email us at [email protected] and request application forms or download them on our Forms & Information page, and email/mail completed forms and your deposit of $100 to secure your child’s spot.

Some of the activities that your child will be participating in:

1. How to Care for a Horse
2. Safety, Leadership and General Horsemanship Skills
3. Grooming a Horse
4. Saddling and Bridling a Horse
5. Groundwork with Different Horses
6. Riding and Developing an Independent Seat
7. Learning Horse Breeds and Body Parts
8. Learning Tack Names and Uses
9. Barn Care and Cleaning
10. How and What to Feed a Horse
11. Nature Hikes
12. Horse Games and Crafts

Why Horsesensible and The Youth Horsemanship and Development Academy?

We offer your child a chance to work with horses in a supportive environment , where safety, and fun learning is emphasized. Our goal is to teach horsemanship and life skills that will instill core qualities in your child that will positively influence them for the rest of their lives. Horses are excellent life teachers, and we feel fortunate that we can make them available to enrich the lives of as many children as possible through our program.

Why Every Child Should Experience Horses:

1. They Teach Responsibility
2. They Teach Leadership
3. They Teach Respect and Discipline
4. They Teach Self Esteem and Confidence
5. They Instill Patience
6. They Teach Focus and Ambition
7. They Teach Awareness and the Value of Non-Material Things
8. They Teach the Concept of “Reaping the Benefits of Hard Work”
9. They Require You to Get Physical Exercise
10. They Keep You Out of Trouble.

For more information, or to enroll your child in the program please call or text Dave at 602-405-1652.

Someday Your Child Will Thank You For the Life Changing Experiences He or She Learned at Horsesensible’s Horsemanship Academy

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