Step 4 Episodes: Direct Rein Pressure (Position 3) for Lateral Movement of Hind Legs on the Ground (Disengage Hindquarters)

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In Step 4 we are looking to control the hind feet from the ground by using rein position 3 in the snaffle bit. We want the horse to respond to the light rein pressure and angle to soften his face, slow the front feet, and move the hind feet laterally. This is the foundation of lateral bend, and disengaging the hindquarters in the saddle, (Step 9).

Release Dates:

  • Overview Video : 3/2019
  • Lesson Video : 7/2019

Current Playlist and Upcoming Productions:

  • Episode 1-Overview – Release Date | 2/2019
  • Episode 2-Overview and Summary of Lessons – Release Date | 3/2019
  • Episode 3-Lesson 1-Lateral Flexion (O-Ring Snaffle) – Release Date | 7/2019
  • Episode 4-Lesson 2-Lateral Fixed Hands Exercise – Release Date | 7/2019
  • Episode 5-Lesson 3-Rein Position 3-Ladder Exercises – Release Date | 7/2019

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