Equine Guided Leadership Clinics

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Back in the early 70s I was introduced to Ray Hunt when I attended one of his horse training clinics in Wyoming. Up until then, just like most horse folks, I thought the key to good horsemanship was to use force and coercion to get horses to do what we wanted. Ray Hunt and Tom Dorrance changed that thinking as they were the pioneers of a new revolution called natural horsemanship.

Ever since that weekend in Wyoming my whole approach to not only training horses, but how I interact and treat everyone I come in contact with changed as well. Ray coined the term “Turning Loose”. What he meant by this was when a horse finally turns loose, he is no longer bothered, and he fully trusts you as his leader. Once you have achieved this with the horse, you do things as one, in true unity. There are very few people in this world who are capable of doing this including myself. However, since this level of horsemanship is a life journey, I am still on it today, and will be for the rest of my life.

So what do the horse training methods of Ray Hunt have to do with leadership in humans. It’s taken me a long time to figure out the parallels in horse training and leadership in humans, but I have come to realize they are really one in the same.

Natural Horsemanship is based on understanding how horses communicate and learning their language. Equally important is understanding the natural instincts of horses, and the herd dynamics of wild horses. Horses have been around for over 5 million years. Their survival was dependent on certain roles in the herd that protected and allowed them to thrive as a prey animal.

So again, equine guided horsemanship is no different than equine guided leadership. Learning this approach to leadership will help you in all walks of life. Leadership is life-Self, Family, Career, Business, or Corporate CEO.

We invite you to learn more by visiting the tabs below. We hope to see you at one of our upcoming leadership clinics. No previous horse experience necessary to be successful!

Why Horses

In order for a horse to turn loose, and view you as his trusted leader, you must become a single leader that practices roles or characteristics that horses in the wild exhibit. These roles include the Dominant, Leader, Guard, Buddy/Nurturer, and the Predator. When these roles are practiced in a balanced fashion, it is horse sensible to the horse, and is the yellow brick road, so to speak, in achieving full trust and unity with your horse.

The challenge arises when we try to balance the roles, since most of us humans are heavily weighted in two or three of these roles.

So here is where the parallel comes in. Balancing these roles and applying them to human relationships works equally as well in gaining trust and being viewed as a leader by your peers. Now the challenge becomes two fold.

  1. Determining what roles you are strong and weak in, and be willing to balance these roles in your everyday life.
  2. Learning to apply these balanced roles in all aspects of leadership.

Since a horse is a true reflection of our true self, working one on one with our horses will give you unbiased feedback on your role characteristics. Then, as you identify your strengths and weaknesses, and attempt to balance them, your progress will be reflected by your improvement in the exercises you do, again working one on one with our horses. This process is enhanced by the differing roles exhibited by our Equine Instructors listed in Meet Our Team.

The Benefits of Good Leadership

Back in the 70’s when I changed my horse training methods from a “Boss” approach to a “Leader” , I like to think I had a more positive impact on their life, and still do today. Likewise, as I apply these leadership skills to my interactions with humans, I think the same applies. The top ten benefits of a Good Leader as I have listed below could really apply to both humans and horses. There is really not a lot of difference.

  1. Leaders provide vision

    They give us direction and tell us where we are going.

  2. Leaders bring clarity

    We understand where they are going and are honored to join the journey.

  3. Leaders believe in us

    They give us confidence

  4. Leaders stretch our thinking

    They make us smarter

  5. Leaders improve our skills

    They make us better

  6. Leaders support us

    They provide what we need to be successful

  7. Leaders make hard decisions

    They pay the price so we don’t have to

  8. Leaders take the bullets

    They protect us

  9. Leaders expand our world view

    They create experiences that help us see things in a new and different light

  10. Leaders make us feel better about ourselves

    They raise our self image

The world is a better place for horses and humans when there is quality leadership!

Our Clinics

Our leadership clinics are offered at our mini ranch located in Gilbert Arizona. The clinic starts with an orientation dinner Friday evening. First thing Saturday morning we start with a short safety course with our Equine instructors followed by one on one interaction with the horses to start determining role strengths and weaknesses. The remainder of Saturday and Sunday morning is spent balancing the roles and applying them on one on one exercises with the horses. We finish up Sunday afternoon with suggested practices to continue improving your leadership skills.

We limit group size, but we can be flexible given your situation. We can do family and friends, small business management groups, corporate managers, or whatever. Just give us a call and we can tailor the clinic to fit your needs. And even if you want to attend as an individual to improve your leadership skills, we can do that to.

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You don’t have to be a horse person to benefit from what a horse can teach you about yourself and how to become a more confident and effective leader in all aspects of your life. Everything we do in life comes down to making the right decisions given the circumstances at hand. If you want to improve your leadership capabilities in life, career, business, family, or even running a fortune 500 company, this equine guided clinic will help you.

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