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As we start the new year it’s a great time to reflect on last years accomplishments and to start thinking about what we want to accomplish in 2019. Our new and improved website is starting to take shape, and the recent launch of our On-Line Video Site is going to be a great learning tool as we continue to produce new videos every week.

Our Journey members saw another year where they gained valuable training experience and continued improvement in their horsemanship.

Congratulations to Journey Member Patti who just last week brought her horse to her new home. She bought her horse Teddy from us almost two years ago, and has worked hard learning our program while teaching Teddy along the way. We wish Teddy and Patti continued success.

Journey members Eddie, Ethan, Lara, Shayden, Hanna, Brian, Porter, and Lisa, congratulations for all of your hard work this past year.

New Journey Members Andy, Laurie, and Jeanine, a big welcome from all of us.

With the launch of our On-Line Videos, it’s going to be fun watching Roman, Stormy, Bronco Billy, and Franz progress through our 35 Step Horse Training Program as we follow them in our Reality Horse Training Episodes. Their nagalities and experience is so different it’s going to be a great watch and learning experience.

Looking forward into 2019 we want to focus on those activities that support our mission. Specifically, we want to continue improving the lives of both humans and horses!

Hope You All Have a Very Happy New Year!


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