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We specialize mainly in the Haflinger breed, but any horse that fits the profile for our Journey Program is considered. Once entering our program, we start every horse at Level One of our Horsesensible Progressions and work our way through the program. A written and video log of training is maintained on each horse so potential owners know exactly what their horse has done, and his current level of training. We have horses at all levels of training, and they are only for sale to an approved buyer. We are not horse traders.  Our primary emphasis is to teach our horses and Journey members first, and if along their journey the right match comes along, we sell him, and he continues a successful  journey with a new owner. Click on Journey Horses Library or Journey Horses for Sale for more information.’

Our HSH operation is located in Gilbert Arizona.  For more than 25 years we have been a trusted source for horse enthusiasts of all levels looking to improve their horsemanship, purchase that special horse, and utilize our horsemanship and leadership training services.  Since we view good horsemanship, as a journey and not a destination, we have developed what we call our Journey Program.  Through private clinics using our diverse stable of horses, Journey Members of all abilities can follow their personalized Journey. The curriculum we offer along with the experience gained using different horses provides a unique opportunity to improve your horsemanship, leadership skills, and overall enjoyment with horses.  No matter who you are, start your journey. Interaction with horses in the right way can change your life in a very rewarding and positive way.  We offer you that unique opportunity.

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The horses we use in our Journey Program are either permanent school horses, or horses that are going through their own Training Journey tailored to meet their physical capabilities and nagality traits.  At some point these horses are offered for sale only to a potential buyer we are confident will make a good match and provide the horse with everything he needs to lead a safe and healthy life.  More often than not, our Journey Horses end up finding a home with our Journey Members.

Why Haflingers?
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There’s a statistic out there that says only one out of every five people remain involved with horses for more than a year. Of those who do, only one out of five remains involved for more than five years. Sure, there are many reasons people get out of horses, like economic, kids go off to college or whatever. I don’t have the statistics, but in my many years of experience dealing with horses I am willing to bet that four out of the five people that end their relationship with horses do so because of injury, fear, frustration, lack of knowledge and the realization that a horse human relationship is not what they thought it would be. Simply put, most horses can and will become a chaos machine for many reasons. We cater to first time horse owners and those who want to repair their not so successful horse relationships. We do so by offering the Haflinger breed of horse that by it’s very nature is dependable and easy going. These horses go through our extensive training and desensitizing program to enhance the new buyers success and safety. We do everything possible to make a safe horse. Equally important is making a successful horse owner. Before you leave with your horse, we educate you on how to communicate with your horse successfully, and eliminate the chances of him becoming a chaos machine. If you want to be that person who is still happy and successful with your horse five or ten years from now, give us a call. Contact Us.


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