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The HSH Ranch is located in Gilbert Arizona.  For more than 15 years we have been a trusted source for horse enthusiasts of all levels looking to improve their horsemanship, purchase that special horse, and utilize our horse training services.  We specialize in offering our signature Just Right Geldings, as well as other horses for sale that match the needs and abilities of our buyers.  In addition, we actively purchase horses from folks looking to find their horse that special home.  We also proudly offer the opportunity to learn our horsemanship program through our private and group clinics.  Our private clinics are also offered free of charge to our horse buyer and horse training clients.  Our practical and baby step approach will give you the knowledge and confidence to be successful and maximize your enjoyment with horses.

The Advantages of Buying or Selling a Horse with HSH

Every horse we offer for sale has been advanced through various levels of our program. When you purchase your horse from us, you get a complete history of where he came from, a disclosure of any behavior or soundness issues if applicable, and the details of his training with us. We also take the time to understand your individual situation, and match you with a horse that you will be successful with. And before you take him home, we offer you a free private clinic with you, your horse, and Dave, to ensure you will be successful with your horse when you take him home. And, if you are trying to sell a horse, and want to make sure he goes to a good home, talk to us, as we have a long list of qualified and caring buyers. So when you start your search for a new horse, or you are looking to find a new home for your horse, give us a call, we are here to help.

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Dave’s Words of Wisdom — For those of you willing to take the time to understand the language of the horse, and practice what our program has to offer, the chances for your success and enjoyment with horses will vastly improve. It is  unfortunate that so many people limit their success with horses due to a lack of knowledge, and or confidence.  For those of you who want to become a better horseman or horse woman that your horse and fellow horse enthusiasts will respect, we are here to help.  Start by reading  our book, “Level One Foundations,” then attend our schools or clinics.

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