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From the day you were born, outside influences have shaped your personal culture and the way you have chosen to live your unique personal life.  Unfortunately, outside influences that have shaped your culture are in most cases not in your best interest, especially in our modern, technologically driven society.  Basically, most people go through their life not realizing that they see the world through a reality illusion.  It is this illusion that robs them of true happiness by preventing them from finding their purpose in life, what really makes them happy, and living their best life, as their own life leader.

There are no quick fixes to shedding a toxic culture that most have grown accustomed to.  For most people, fear of change and concern about what other people will think, are the two main reality illusions that prevent people from dumping a toxic culture.  Eventually, father time closes in, and everything you planned on doing to improve your life never materialized, and you look in the rear view mirror full of regrets when it’s too late.

Adopting and living the Ultra Elite Culture (UEC) will ensure that you discover your true self, take ownership of your life as your best life leader, and live the happiest life possible for the unique person that you are.   The name Ultra Elite Culture is not meant to imply that practitioners are better than, or above anyone else.  It simply describes those who have not only decided to eliminate their reality illusions that have been holding them back from their best life, but they have taken the all-important steps of:  TAKING ACTION.

“Have a bias towards action-let’s see something happen now.  You can break that big plan into small steps and take the first step right away.”

Indira Gandi

The Life Leader in Training Program follows this line of thinking.  First, we expose people to the life changing benefits of living the UEC.  If and when that person decides to take ownership and become his or her life leader, we then use horses to directly and metaphorically teach the Reality Mindset, Superior Practices, and Harmonizing Values that comprise the UEC.  Our plan of action incorporates small steps, that we like to refer to as “Baby Steps” that both motivate and effectuate positive change.

Our “Baby Step” action approach and our unique instructors, Equus, significantly improve the chances of our students being successful in making positive changes in their lives.   We have a great plan in place for you, that we have broken down into small steps, that you can take the first step right away.  The first step is to contact us right away to learn more about the program.

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