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Private Life Coaching with Dave and his Horses

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Dave and his Equine Coaches will take you on a Personal Journey similar to what is taught in our Retreats, but much more in-depth, and customized to fit you, as the unique individual that you are.

One of the many things that horses have taught Dave over time is that being aware, mindful, finding purpose, staying centered, and finding happiness from within is not just a balancing act, but having the ability to rebalance when things get out of wack because of everyday life situations.

For Dave, one of the things that helps rebalance his life is his commitment to health and well-being. No matter how your day goes, and how your plans go by the way side, if you prioritize your health and well- being first, everything else seems to fall into place much easier, by the end of the day.

Our Private Life Coaching Program helps you achieve well- being of the body, mind, and soul, ultimately leading to your happiness from within.

There are no time frames, so you dictate the flow and direction in your pursuit of happiness in this program.

A Private Journey with Dave and his equines starts by contacting Dave and setting up a meeting to get better acquainted. Once you meet with Dave and decide to move forward, simply reserve your sessions to fit your schedule and your Journey in Life Coaching has begun!

Private sessions are held at our Horsesensible Facility in Gilbert

We charge an hourly rate of $50

Contact Us below, for more information.

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