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It’s All About Your Time

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Stand Out From the Crowd-It’s All About Your Time

Have you ever taken a minute of your time to stop and think about how valuable your time really is?

I am reminded of the famous quote by Benjamin Franklin where he said: “You may delay, but time will not, and lost time is never found again.”

Here is a good example of what I am talking about.  As I write this, it is late April 2023, and we are four months into the new year.  I ask you,

What have you accomplished so far this year.  Most people look forward to a new year since it provides a fresh start.  Unfortunately, the best laid plans fizzle out, falling to the wayside, such as:

Goals that are set, but never pursued.

A career change that remains a fantasy.

Going to the gym that lasted until mid-January.

Starting a new diet to lose weight, that lasted about as long as the stint at the gym.

Or maybe you’re one of the many folks who told themselves that this would be the year to take action, and pursue their dreams, passions, and purpose in life.  Sure, they told themselves, but even if they were listening, they didn’t have the support, discipline, motivation, and action plan to execute.  Another failure to launch!

If you fall into the crowd that I have just described, let me run some sage advice your way:

  • Time is infinite, but our personal time on this earth is not. Life is short and is over before we know it.  While we should be treating our time as our most ‘precious resource, we waste it like it is an unlimited resource, which is a huge mistake.
  • The more we delay, the more harm we do to ourselves. This is especially true as regrets surface when it’s too late, and our time clock has run out.
  • You must adopt a Life Leader mentality, and tell yourself that it is now or never, with a sense of urgency.  You must recognize what is important and what is truly needed.  Separate your meaningful activities from the meaningless.  Discard what is useless and embrace the useful.
  • Once you do this, you will then begin to use your time more wisely and focus on what truly matters to you. The results will be life changing since you will have discovered how to; “Invest your time to maximize returns that are unique to your life”.

Only you can do it!

Only you can achieve your unique goals, passions, dreams, and purpose.

Only you can decide to live your best life during your precious and very limited time on this planet.

Don’t wait for tomorrow.  Don’t wait for next month, and certainly don’t wait for another January first of every year that passes you by so quickly, especially as you get older.

Act now. Today.  This very minute.

You will be better off because of it.

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Congratulations on taking the first step towards learning how to “Invest your time to maximize returns that are unique to your life”.


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