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Why We are Different:

Having spent over 30 years in management and non- management roles in both the corporate and business world I have experienced first- hand, the importance of effective leadership and the direct impact it has on people’s lives as well as, the overall success of a company. In retrospect, I can honestly say that in all of those years, having worked under many managers, I can only name one manager who I would consider effective, inspirational, and a true leader. That’s a pretty disappointing statistic that I am sure is the norm rather than the exception when you look at most corporations and businesses across the country.

As far as my management capabilities, I must admit that I did not fare much better. With all of my varied experience combined with the many management training programs I went through over the years, I basically adhered to traditional management techniques and approaches, resulting in mediocrity at best. There are literally thousands of books out there on Management and Leadership. And there are probably just as many individuals and companies who push their Management and Leadership Program as the new innovation that will transform your company or business. Believe me, I have read quite a few of these books and attended a good number of these programs, and although many are innovative, and quite creative, they all seem to put some sort of twist on similar Management and Leadership approaches.

I left the corporate world over five years ago. Since that time, I have devoted the majority of my time expanding a business that focuses primarily on improving people’s lives using horses. In addition to programs in Horsemanship and Life Coaching, I also developed, and offer a unique program in Equine Guided Leadership.

Breaking From the Traditional Methods of Learning Leadership and Teamwork

With my 50 years of experience with horses and my 30 years of experience in the corporate and business world I found myself in a unique position to finally formalize a leadership program, the methods of which would break from tradition.

Biomimicry is defined as an approach to innovation that seeks sustainable solutions to human challenges by emulating nature’s time tested patterns and strategies. The core idea is that nature has already solved many of the problems we as humans grapple with.

With that said, Nature really has solved the problem, by providing us with the missing link when it comes to learning effective leadership and teamwork. To me, it is almost eerie that the nature of the horse and the characteristics of a wild horse herd offers almost a perfect model for developing leadership in humans. All the way from an individual managing his or her own personal life, to a corporate CEO running a fortune 500 company; this non- traditional Leadership Approach really does work. Had I known and applied these methods in my years of management, the outcome would have been much more favorable and rewarding for me, the company, our clients, and all of my co-workers.

Leadership and Teamwork starts with each individual taking ownership:

First: Taking ownership of your personal life

Second: Taking ownership of your actions around others

Third: Taking ownership for the success of those you are committed to lead

It’s a small piece of a culture that has served horses well for more than 5 million years. Applying the principles of this culture provides a leadership model that can work for you, your family, your career, your business, your corporation.

We employ a hands on approach when teaching our program. You and or your people will interact one on one with our Equine Guides. There is no role playing in our program because when you work with a horse, it’s the real thing-you are getting direct feedback from him as to your thoughts, intentions, body language, motives, and much more. All work with the horse is done on the ground. No horse experience required.

To book a Private Leadership Session or a Customized Weekend Group Seminar for your Family, Business, or Management Team call Dave at 602-405-1652

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