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Equine Life Coaches

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Horsesensible believes that horses are excellent Life Coaches because they allow us to experience the serenity of the present moment and provide us mirrors of our own emotions, ways of communication, and challenges in relationships.

Picture of Life Coach Roman

Horses are flight animals and survive and thrive by keeping a wide view, and staying aware of the big picture. Since they are preyed upon in nature, they must have a highly developed ability to sense changes in their environment as well as the herd members. This gives horses an incredible ability to sense and respond to the slightest signal, change in behavior, or emotion in humans.

Picture of Life Coach Franz

Horses are also social animals, always depending on the interaction and collaboration within the herd. Watching how they interact and communicate with one another can teach us a great deal about non-verbal communication, social interaction, and living in the present moment.

Picture of Life Coach Johnny

Horses are imposing in size and as a result, they really get our attention. They offer most of us the opportunity to overcome fear and develop self confidence. Their size and quickness to respond can also help us stay focused in the present, and alert and aware to stay safe and feel secure. It is this level of attention that helps us develop skills in improving responses to the changing circumstances of our life, and empower us to try new things.

Picture of Life Coach Bronco Billy

When we interact with horses we begin to see ourselves through their eyes. They provide an authentic mirror, reflecting what we tell them with our bodies, breathing, heart rate, and thought. When a horse feels safe in our presence he will become our partner, approaching and joining us in synchrony. Horses are willing to engage us in a non-judgmental way, and they provide us direct feedback on our fears, strengths, and authenticity.

Picture of Life Coach Cutter

Picture of Life Coach Cruiser

Picture of Life Coach Stanley

Here at Horsesensible we believe that our Equine Coaches allow us to join our body, mind, and soul

We also believe that our equine coaches inspire personal growth and learning, and they heighten awareness of ourselves and our connection to something larger than ourselves
Horsesensible offers our retreats and one on one coaching services utilizing this unique relationship. Please join us for a life changing experience. No horse experience required

“The Eye of the Horse Reflects the Soul of the Beholder”

“The Eye of the Horse Reflects the Soul of the Beholder”

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